What if you brought together over 100 of the world’s most innovative thinkers at one roundtable…and then asked them (simultaneously) to answer 100 questions culled from thousands submitted from all over the world?

What if the responses were videotaped and available over the net?

Dropping Knowledge.

I finally got a chance to read Juan Williams’ new book Enough. I was telling my man Cobb that I didn’t expect much. I was suprised. If you’re interested in seeing the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the reparations folk slapped around, then you’ll find something there. But the reason I bring this up here is because there is ONE short paragraph that talks about solutions. Literally ONE.

Check out Dropping Knowledge if you get the chance. It’s clear that somebody had enough and decided to do something about it…and someone else had enough and decided to run his mouth.