Jimi asked a bunch of us this question, and one of my partners already weighed in

I wish I had an answer that would pass muster. I don’t. I can, like Cobb did, pull from a list of my boys–good men all–and use that as some sort of barometer. The graduate chapter I’m active with had a picnic yesterday and there were all types of brothers there. No fights. No beefs. Good eats. Good drink. Omega Oil does the body good. In Baltimore a number of good black men can be found at the Que house, the Kappa house, the Sigma House (do they have one in bmore?), and in the Alpha national hq. You can also find a lot of them at the police department, at Druid Hill playing basketball during the weekends. I run into these brothers everywhere I go except Hopkins.

But I suspect this type of story is rote by now. You’d also find black men walking aimlessly, or hanging out on corners with a purpose. And with the number of formerly incarcerated persons back out on the streets increasing (and the rate of hiring decreasing) I suspect we’ll see a lot more doing this.

Perhaps the more interesting question to me is, what will “good black man” mean given the shifts we’re going through? $3.50 is a GREAT price for gas now, right?