Last week, Mitt Romney had a conversation with his supporters, explaining to them why he lost the 2012 Presidential election.

In that conversation, Romney blamed his loss on the "gifts" Obama gave key constituencies–Latinos, youth, single women, working class men and women.

Romney doesn't quite get the role of government here. And this is one of the ways white supremacy works–it takes the rights of non-white citizens to get good government and renders them "privileges" and "gifts." Romney doesn't believe desire to reduce the tax load of the wealthiest American citizens, a desire that translates into a substantial cash benefit, is a desire to give "gifts" at all–he believes his desire to reduce the tax load is a desire to generate good government outcomes for Americans in general. Similarly people interested in "protecting the vote" by installing laws that made it harder rather than easier for people of color and students to vote, didn't think of their attempt as a crassly racist anti-democratic attempt to steal an election. Rather these policies were passed in order to protect democracy.

It really is a testimony that Romney and his ilk lost. If House seats hadn't been gerrymandered so much, more of them would have.