I don’t think any of the black blogs I frequent have taken up this question:

What else can you do with 700 billion?

Adolph Reed has been pushing this free public college tuition thing. The numbers are old, so let’s say that instead of 23 billion, it’d cost 30 billion to pay for the college tuition of every college age student in public school (Michigan as opposed to Harvard). What else can you do?

According to the good folks at Worldchanging the entire debt of Africa is only 350 billion.

From CJR I find that it’s almost 3 billion bus fares from Durham, N.C. to San Francisco, Ca.

From the Sun Sentinel? 21 new Florida Marlin stadiums for each county in Florida.

You get the picture. 

I remember going on Detroit radio to talk about Jesse Jackson’s comments about neutering Obama after Obama’s Father’s Day speech. One of the things I tried to drive home to the callers–and they weren’t having it–was that government is supposed to do what we tell it. And we’re selling ourselves short if the most we can expect from government is for it to go after deadbeat dads. This is yet the latest example of how when certain interests want resources, they get them, while the rest of us have to fend for ourselves.