This semester members of my urban policy class are tasked to create a group project. Below I present a set of resources that should help them with their goal. But as the resources are not class specific please feel free to share them with others.

Perhaps the first thing you'll need is some way to conduct group communications. At times you'll want to simply send an email to everyone in your group. At other times you'll want to have video conferences, and at yet other times you'll want face to face meetings. If you don't have a google account already I'd suggest you get one and join google +.  If the members in your group have google emails you can create groups you can use to send email to everyone simultaneously. Through google hangouts you can also have video conferences with up to ten other people, which can mitigate the number of face to face meetings you have. And although you should be able to use the blog to work on and edit ideas, you can also create documents in google docs that are editable by other members of your group.

Collecting links from the web should be helpful as you move forward. Through diigo you can easily create an index of bookmarks that are tagged and categorized. Over time the number of links you have can potentially look like this. I created a group for the class that enables us to share links and access some of diigo's premium options for free. If you're interested in a diigo account let me know. 

I mentioned that it'd be a good idea to get an RSS feed. RSS stands for "really simple syndication". An RSS feed quickly gives you access to all of the RSS enabled sites you read. Instead of going to the various blogs you read to see if something new has been put up, all you have to do is go to your rss site to see if it has been updated. I know it sounds like I'm getting paid by google (nope), but I use google reader. Once you get a google reader you can easily create a feed for the blogs you follow and are expected to comment on. 

I think that's it. If you've any questions please let me know.