Cobb offers a cute strategy with a little under two weeks left. But what if he’s got the frame all wrong?

GOP elites have to be familiar with the same numbers I am. They show clearly that Obama has a close to $40 million more than McCain (taking the GOP and DNC contributions into account) and that he’s only a few electoral college votes away from a victory just looking at solid blue states. McCain would have to get every toss up state available even though he’s had to write off a few of them because he doesn’t have the loot.

That’s why I came up with the list remember?

So the “he’s a socialist” screed that McCain has unleashed isn’t really about McCain winning. But rather it is about something else entirely. 

I think he’s adopting a scorched earth policy. In a normal circumstance bankrupting the government would be enough to ensure that liberal policy proposals are shot down–by the Dems themselves no less. But these aren’t normal circumstances. Being in debt won’t prevent Obama from suggesting spending on infrastructure and other issues, given the state of the economy. So another set of tactics are required. Their best option here given the electoral slaughter they are looking at, is to get the population upset enough about the prospects of a liberal government that they will exert enough pressure to serve as the type of check on government that the deficit use to serve as. To the point that Obama can’t govern.