Ths is the singularity. The best fictional description of a society dealing with the consequences of the singularity is Accelerando.

We’ve been operating under the general auspices of the early twentieth century even as we move deeper and deeper into the 21st. Why the hell, for example do we organize our data into “files” and “folders” rather than a term more appropriate? Why do we still use scarcity as the basis of pop culture economics when the means of production AND distribution have been so widely distributed as to reduce the price point of these objects to zero?

There are two very recent news pieces that indicate a signal shift in human society is around the corner.

This one I just read about a second ago.

The other one I read about a couple of days ago.

These two findings combined with the increases in computing production and distribution means that we have in effect reached the precipice. There is no going back. You and I will probably not see the benefits/consequences of this directly–there is too much cultural baggage that our generation has been saddled with. But to our grandchildren hacking their own code will seem as obvious and natural as taking a pill to stave off pregnancy. What this means for black people is much much deeper than the prospect of “changing our race with a pill” as George Schuyler posited in Black Like Me.

For those interested in the cultural consequences of this and other significant civilization-altering events from a black partisan perspective check out Craig Nulan’s new spot. It was through Craig that I understood the problems presented by the reality of Peak Oil, and the possibilities present in doing internet-enabled collaborative work.

Several months ago I got tagged with one of those “thinking blogger” joints. A lot of blogs make me laugh (and that’s not always a good thing). A few blogs give me information (Earl stands out here). But if anyone deserves that tag it’s Craig.