There’s an interesting discussion with two parts
over at P6 about cooperative economics. The belief that black businesses will somehow lift black people from our place on the bottom rungs is driven by a mythical belief in the power of capitalism. If trickle-down economics does not work for whites, why exactly would it work for us? Yes black people are under-serviced, and there is a market that someone like Magic Johnson is perfectly situated to take advantage of. But while I’d rather have someone like Magic making loot than some faceless white-owned development corporation, Magic doesn’t line my pockets.

I watch most of my movies at home at any rate.

But there are two classes of black folk that could use one another, and perhaps leverage their power to generate new urban visions–black intellectuals, and new black money. For two interesting models check out Fast Company, the Global Ideas Bank.

It’s accepted as a cliche that crisis and opportunity are generated in the same moment. In cities like Detroit, what the hell will black book stores, and starbucks really accomplish?