Michele Martin has been working on a new NPR show and has been demoing parts of it on her blog.  My man Jimi came up with a brilliant idea.  Instead of having a roundtable discussion of experts as experts about the days events, why not have a roundtable discussion of black men (not necessarily “regular” black men) just shooting the sh*t basically.  So he puts me, Gary Dauphin, Eugene Robinson, and Alvin Patrick of ESPN’s Cold Pizza fame, on the mic.  The results?

There were two takes–one with Jimi at the head, one with Michel Martin.  Check out Ms. Martin’s ideas on the piece, and judge for yourself.

Me?  I haven’t listened to both takes, but I talked to Michele briefly afterwards.  The first one with Jimi was cool because it was almost like the microphone wasn’t there.  The second one with Michele was cool becasue Michel has a very beautiful voice, and a stronger radio presence.  But in her case I definitely knew that the mic was there.  I’d be interested i your opinions.