I teach an array of courses in American Politics and Africana Studies. My recent offerings include: Urban Politics and Public Policy, Urban Politics, Black Politics, Racial Politics (undergraduate and graduate), Public Opinion, Black Political Thought (graduate and undergraduate), Race in the City (graduate), Black Power Fantasies, and Introduction to Race and Ethnicity. In 2010 I received an Arts Innovation Grant to fund a course that combined Black Politics and Documentary Photography. I co-taught the course (Black Visual Politics) the following year.
In the classroom I strive to accomplish three goals: To infuse my love of learning and the life of the mind in my students; to make politics and the various ways we can and SHOULD think about politics real to them; and finally, to give students the capacity to change the world they live in. In 2009 I received an Excellence in Teaching Award from Johns Hopkins University. 
As part of Ignite Baltimore gave a flash talk on neoliberalism. It gives a good quick look at my teaching style: