The first day of the Fall 2009 semester I was victimized by racial harassment on campus–I was asked to leave an outdoor event under the threat of security after an encounter with a staff person. Sometime that semester the good folks at The Urbanite–one of Baltimore’s best magazines–contacted me to write a piece about the ills of reverse segregation. Wanting to contribute, but not wanting to write that particular piece I instead wrote a piece on the benefits of black people having their own spaces in which to breathe. I called it Black Space/White Space. All of the comments I’ve received, even the critical ones, have been thoughtful and respectful. I had a chance to talk about the piece in more depth on the Marc Steiner Show. Although I’ve been on the show several times now and always enjoy it, what I appreciated in this case was that we were able to spend an hour talking through this issue. It’s my hope we can do this on a regular basis.