I said that I’d start putting my own research here. One of my specialties is black political ideology. How has support for black nationalism changed over time? How might we measure it? I wrote a paper differentiating support for Pan-Africanism from support for black nationalism.

The abstract:

There have been several recent attempts to operationalize and measure empirically attitudinal support for Black nationalism. However, scholars have not yet reached a consensus as to what precisely constitutes Black nationalism and its manifestations. Our work addresses three critical questions. First, is Black nationalism a uni-dimensional or a multi-dimensional construct? Second, is Black nationalism another form of xenophobia? Third, is support for Black nationalism a function of time? Some scholars note that Black nationalism takes on the character of its material context and that it cannot be easily subsumed into a trans-historical ideology (Reed 2002; Robinson 2001). We indirectly test these hypotheses by examining the relationship between two components of Black nationalism—Black separatism and Pan-Africanism. To test these hypotheses, we analyze data from the 1979–1980 National Survey of Black Americans (NSBA). Overall, we establish the determinants of support for Black separatism and Pan-Africanism while distinguishing these ideologies’ similarities and differences.

The paper (in pdf format). (It’s heavy on statistical analysis.)
Spence, Lester, Todd C. Shaw, and Robert Brown. 2005. “True to Our Native Land: Distinguishing Attitudinal Support for Pan-Africanism from Black Separatism.” The Dubois Review 2, no. 1, pp. 91-111.