I was on Tell Me More last week talking Michael Vick and Cat Fancy, Obama’s Health Care plan, and of course the Gates stuff. Take a listen (and now read the transcript!) here. Some of the best stuff didn’t make it to the final cut–I think this is one of the few cases where Tell Me More should have an extended edition on their website.

I also made it to The Colbert Show. I did a bit on WJZ a couple of weeks ago about the Obama NAACP speech and then promptly forgot about it. But a few days later my folk on facebook are telling me they saw me. Now for a second I thought they were clowning me. Then I thought briefly about Shark–the television show with James Woods (they had a black left-leaning lawyer named “Lester Spence” that was probably named after me). Whatever the case I KNEW that while I was supposedly on Colbert, I was fast asleep.

But then I saw the clip which I unfortunately don’t know how to embed here.