Police have prepared for riots in cities with large black populations if Obama is not elected.

Or at least that’s what I’ve heard, directly and indirectly. 

I don’t buy this. Poking around the best I could find was this article from the United Kingdom. Homeboy interviewed the “police spokesman” (who the hell is that?) and then–get this–a “an internet columnist and black Republican candidate  for state representative in Massachusetts”. In other words, a cat with a blog and absolutely no expertise whatsoever (he’s a candidate, not a representative). The other article I found was a duplicate. I imagine this story to blow up closer to the election, to the point it becomes self-fulfilling. I wish we wouldn’t reproduce this meme ourselves but I guess it’s par for the course.

I’ve already said I think this election is a lock. So perhaps the bigger question is what types of preparations does law enforcement need to make to deal with the socialist haters?