I do not know if this new justice movement has legs, but I wrote earlier that this is about justice for EVERYONE that simply STARTS with black children. Trickle up politics at its best.

In writing about the Shaquanda Cotton case many of us blogged (and Howard Witt wrote) about a young white girl who received probation for burning her house down. This compared to Ms. Cotton who was sentenced for a minor altercation with a teacher.

Anyway, turns out that the young girl violated the terms of her probation. And suffered a fate far worse than Ms. Cotton. Even after being routinely assaulted sexually by a prison guard she remains in prison–in fact her prison sentence was extended.

Now if the white progressive blogosphere was anything like the black progressive blogosphere–concerned with concrete domestic issues as well as foreign policy ones–I’d suspect we’d see an array of folks mobilizing to get this girl out.