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Dr. Lester K. Spence

The example of W.E.B. Dubois looms large for me because he was both a straight ahead scholar, and also someone truly dedicated to changing the world through public engagement. While I disagree with some of Dubois' politics, I too seek to contribute and change the world through engaging with the public broadly considered. I've done this in a variety of outlets, but can be heard most regularly on the Marc Steiner Show, and on NPR's Tell Me More with Michele Martin. I've written for The Urbanite, for Salon, for The Grio, and for other online publications, as well as for the Washington Post and the St. Louis Post Dispatch, among others. I've also appeared on The Real News Network and the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, as well as The Colbert Report. Select Media Work: Spence appearances on The Marc Steiner Show Marc Steiner Archive   National Public Radio Archive

Pensions, Parenting, and My Brother’s Keeper

Tweet Earlier this week I was on Tell Me More in their parents roundtable. We were talking about the idea of paternal leave. Before Michele Martin conducted that roundtable, she had an interview with “Money Coach” Alvin Hall about how corporations are changing 401 K programs in drastic ways. It’s worth a listen, not only [...]

Parenting Hits and Misses 2013 (NPR)

Tweet I’ve been doing less work on Tell Me More’s The Barbershop and much more work on their parenting roundtable over the last half of 2013. I was asked to participate in an end of the year discussion about hits and misses, what i was least and most proud of parenting wise. I used the [...]

Spence on MHP Show (Progressive Possibilities)

Tweet I've known Melissa Harris-Perry since 1999. I wrote a blurb for her most recent book Sister Citizen. I'm going to talk about this more later, but this past weekend I was on her show for the first time, talking a bit about family, and also about the progressive possibilities/challenges Obama's second term offers. Visit [...]

It’s not racism…it’s the blacks

Tweet A few weeks ago I was on Morning Edition talking about Obama's response to Trayvon Martin's murder. I wanted to emphasize the constraints Obama faced as he tried to meet the needs of black constituents. And I did so, in part, by referring to the thin line blacks negotiate in integrated spaces in general, [...]