Every group has the tendency to close ranks when one of its own is attacked. Blacks aren’t any different from any other group here. Given racist attempts to question Obama’s citizenship, his credentials, we’re going to reflexively respond with joy when he “proves the haters wrong.” Assassinating Osama bin Laden the same weekend he roasted Trump gives last night’s press conference the air of poetic justice.

But for me I’ve three questions. When was the last time you heard Obama mention “foreclosure”? The last time he talked seriously about “unemployment”? I know this isn’t fully his responsibility–the Republicans play a SIGNIFICANT role here. But the one thing the President still has, is the bully pulpit. And while I understand the need to stand up for the President given racist hatred, I believe the best way to stand up for him….is to aggressively ask him to stand up for me.

What do you think?