I’m a fair weather baseball supporter. When the Tigers are doing well, I keep up. When they aren’t doing well? Not so much. I’m getting a chance to go to Camden Yards tomorrow. And because I’m not really going to see the game (a colleague of mine wants me to meet the person who own the skybox we’re going to be seeing the game from), I didn’t even know who they were playing (Detroit!) until I looked at the ticket.   While playing softball after a more than 20 year layoff was one of the highlights of living in Saint Louis–especially when I got my swing back–the game of summer for me has and will always be basketball.

So it was with only mild suprise that I read the following:

Even baseball teams at historically black colleges and universities (known as HBCUs) are now often comprised of mostly whites and Hispanics. Bethune-Cookman University, currently the No. 2 ranked HBCU baseball team in the country, plays its home games at Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach, Fla., site of Robinson’s first exhibition game in the Dodgers organization. Only seven of Bethune-Cookman’s 31 players are black.

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