My daughter’s American government teacher called Obama a socialist in her class today.

Friday? I’m dropping the hammer.

I haven’t talked about it much but this past September we made the decision to send all of our kids to school. It was a hard decision for my wife, but the economy dictated it. Raising five kids with college tuition looming is no joke. But they’ve all been managing. Nothing but As across the board. 

I’m biased of course…but my kids are the shit. No problems claiming that here son. 

But for them to stay that way? My wife and I have to be prepared to take on all comers. To get to them, you’ve got to go through us.

So when my daughter came home a couple of hours ago with a “hypothetical” it was on.

“Daddy, let’s say hypothetically that someone–not me of course Daddy–that someone else’s American government teacher called Obama a socialist.”

Off the rip there are a couple of problems here.

First there’s the minor problem that Obama isn’t a socialist. In the least. Hell…I wish he were. The tax increases he’s suggesting? McCain as early as four years ago supported them. If he can’t get this right it’s clear to me he doesn’t belong in a classroom. 

Then there’s the issue of classroom pedagogy. There circumstances I can think of where it would be appropriate for this teacher to impose his political views on the classroom. But not this one. 

Friday? I’m dropping the hammer.