I’m watching the second half of the NC/Georgetown game.

I am watching this game because I remember watching the first match in 82. I don’t remember who I was pulling for, but I do remember the pass.

I’ve got to be one of the only folks who appreciate pro ball more than  college ball. I don’t think college ball players play harder, I don’t think the game is purer, and I don’t think that college students leaving early weakens the pro game. It may weaken the marketing of the pro game but that’s another story. In reading about what Fred Brown has been up to since “the pass” I realized one of the reasons I don’t like the college game. And lost a little bit of respect for John Thompson in  the meantime.  There are a whole set of resources that college coaches have and can withold  long after a player has gone.  For every Mark Montgomery there is a Charles Smith.