Fourteen years ago today I married Shawn Mason.

Five kids two states two degrees and two schools later, here we are.

Before I got to the yard this morning I checked out Ebony Mom, because I saw she peeped her head in ( is the bomb!), and noticed that one of the things she was concerned about was going public. I went public sometime ago, but I’ve largely kept the family stuff private.

Today is different. My wife has had her own joint for a while now. And has been doing work on an award winning parenting site as well. I was asked to fill in for her, and I wrote a little thing for Mother’s Day.

Check it out, check my wife’s other stuff out to find out the other side…and leave a comment if you could. To go old old OLD school, she’s the bees knees. We’re thinking about creating a black family internet radio show. We’ll keep you updated.