We all know that black people die sooner, are more likely to be afflicted with a range of ills, and less likely to get care. Some of this is pure economics. But this dynamic goes up the socio-economic scale, indicating that this is not just “class” by another name.My own research looks at the degree to which media narratives about black people make them less likely to mobilize to combat some of these disparities–HIV/AIDS for example.Today I go to Houston to present my research at the MD Anderson Center for Research in Minority Health. I conducted an experiment manipulating stories about male HIV/AIDS to see what type of effect “down-low narratives” had on people exposed to them.The results?The stories generated significant antagonism towards black men, and in some cases made people less likely to want to mobilize politically to deal with the disease.It should be available on video later, and I’ll send a link to it. If you by chance are in the Houston area and want to holler please feel free to do so as I’m available through email.If not? Look out for Prometheus6 and others at tomorrow evening’s Democratic debates.