These two tidbits just in:

Russell Simmons is having a closed door meeting with hip-hop execs and urban community members.

Kevin Powell oversaw a conversation on Power 105.1, which has announced that it is changing its format significantly:

KEVIN POWELL, noted writer, political activist, and hiphop historian, has been invited to lead a live radio discussion on the aftermath of the Don Imus situation AND the state of hiphop today, on New York City’s number one radio station, Power 105.1 FM. In an historic move, Power 105.1 is eliminating advertising for one day to open up its airwaves to highlight the changes the station plans on making in its content and presentation.

Monday, April 16, 2007
Power 105.1 FM radio in the New York City metropolitan area
OR you can listen on the web at, keyword LISTEN OR LISTEN LIVE

“This is a bold move,” says Kevin Powell, “and a very necessary one. The people at Power 105.1 recognize how influential radio is for young Americans. For Helen Little, the Program Director, to do this says that there are some of us in the entertainment industry who are taking seriously our responsibility to our society, and to our young people. The time for change is now. This movement is not about censorship. It is about balance and diversity and not adding any further to the violence, excessive materialism, and sex and sexism already present throughout American popular culture, including hiphop. And we need radio stations, magazines, video shows and networks, websites, and record labels around the country to follow the Power 105.1 model and have the courage, too, to say enough is enough.”

(Thanks to Angela Garreston for the passage above, and thanks to the NHHPC list on yahoo as well.)

So much for thinking that MCs wouldn’t go unscathed.