Browsing, I ran into this. My incoming freshmen were born in 1988. They started sixth grade around the time Napster took hold. Not only do they not recall the 8-track, or the album (the only reason they know vinyl at all is because of the house/electro/hip-hop DJ), they don’t recall a time where they literally HAD to purchase an album/movie/tv show they wanted. And I’m sure many of them know SOMEONE who’s got a case over their head because of downloads.

Overseas a group of what we call “policy entrepeneurs” has come up with a novel idea. They’ve started a political party that has no other purpose than to overturn archaic copyright laws…information wants to be free right? Kids may not give a damn about property taxes, about zoning laws. But I’m willing to bet they’ll turn out in droves to vote for the Pirate Party.

Something like that wouldn’t work at the national level here because the two parties have us in a vice grip. But it could work at a local level.