At least that is what you’d think reading today’s Washington Post article, depicting Al Gore’s appearance before the House and Senate. Gore in town to discuss global warming has become something of a media darling since his documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Dana Milbank made it appear as if Gore had his hat handed to him by Republican conservatives, who in some cases are skeptical about global warming claims.

But this didn’t sound right to me. Forget the fact that the scientific consensus is pretty close here with the exception of analysts with ties to the oil industry (here folks affiliated with institutions like GMI stand out). The Democratic Party controls both the House and the Senate, which means they control committees, and committee assignments. No way could he have had his hat handed to him without being able to get his in.

Take a read and tell me if you had the same response I did.

Crafting an accurate headline is something like a fine art. Something that on its face you’d think didn’t have politics.

You’d be wrong.