I’ve already linked to part of Bill Moyers’ interview with Grace Boggs. But the video expands on some of it, and emphasizes a couple of points that bear consistent repetition:1. We have to generate another way of living as we critique our current state of affairs. A cultural revolution is what is required.2. This cultural revolution will start locally as a way of PRACTICAL PROBLEM SOLVING.When I talk about a cultural revolution, I’m not necessarily suggesting we go back to the Ancients. Studying the writings of the Ancients (and here I’m going all the way back) may serve as a bridge…but it isn’t a destination. I’m suggesting that we think about the best practices of black urban life (in the case of those living in rustbelt cities like me…other cities require different models), and then figure out how to use those practices to develop a set of ethical standards, and a community-oriented approach to problem solving that is based first and foremost on work.On a related note, the PBS Program NOW will be dealing with Bob Moses and The Algebra Project. Please watch.