I didn’t know Brandy Britton. But this was senseless.  I’m mildly surprised that Rachel or perhaps Bitch, PhD didn’t pick this up.  I was talking with my friend, an anthropologist about this.  Anthropologists have to deal with the possibility of “going native” as he called it all of the time and have mechanisms (both formal and informal) to prevent this from happening.

But let’s put that aside for a moment.  Why exactly would the state spend so many resources on this case?  Was it the neighborhood she lived in?  What?

Further there is a significant literature on sex work in sociology and in gender studies, as well as other fields.  Why couldn’t Ms. Britton  see this as an opportunity?   This sounds harsher than I intend.  What I mean is that she had the intellectual skills and the power to take this case, and use it to further her intellectual interests.  Why didn’t she take it?

Of course I don’t know the answer.  She had two adult aged children….was it the family?  Patriarchy is a bitch (no pun intended).  But I refuse to believe that she didn’t have choices.  Damn this is senseless.