Back in the saddle after a two year break, I’m teaching again.  Comparative Racial Politics and Black Politics.  Descriptions below the fold:

Black Politics:

This course is an historical survey of the bases and substance of politics among black Americans and the relation of black politics to the American politcal system. The sweep of the course covers the period from Emancipation to the present. The intention is both to provide a general sense of pertinent issues and relations over this period as a way of helping to make sense of the present and to develop criteria for evaluating political scientists’ and others’ claims regarding the status and characteristics of black American political activity.

Comparative Racial Politics:

This course surveys the major trends and approaches to the comparative study of race in political science and critically examines the link between race and politics. The goals of the course are two-fold.  First, we propose to investigate how the study of race is linked to some of the classic preoccupations of comparative political science, such as capitalist development, state formation, and nationalism.  Second, we seek to understand how race “works” and how it is made and remade over time and across space.  Thus, we will analyze how the ideologies of race and racism connect disparate peoples, regimes, institutions, and national mythologies. Topics will include the racial state, neo-racism, the political economy of race, and racial micro-regimes.

Might do a podcast or two.  We’ll see.