I’m blessed to have a job that pays me no matter what I do. Some people don’t have that luxury, at least not in the United States. But some states have fairly liberal laws regarding employers and voting. I’ve lived in Michigan, Missouri, and Maryland. Here are their laws:

Michigan: There is no state law regarding employee time off to vote.

Missouri: An employee is given up to three hours leave to vote, unless the employee has three consecutive non-working hours in which to vote while polls are open. The employee must request leave prior to election day, and the employer may designate the time that the employee is given off from work. This time off is paid. (Mo. Rev. Stat. Section 115.639)

Maryland: An employee is allowed up to two hours to vote if the polls aren’t open two consecutive hours outside the employee’s regular shift. The time off is paid with proof that the employee voted. (Md. Code Ann. Section 10-315)

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