Things are looking up

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I’m in Detroit for a few days. My grandmother passed away late last week (she was 87) and I’m in town for the funeral with the family. For those who routinely read this blog FROM detroit I apologize for not having the time to reach out…if you have my number please feel free to call.

But this isn’t what I’m writing about. Currently the Georgia region is facing a drout of mammoth proportions. I’ve known…but haven’t really been following it because I’ve had life issues. Craig really breaks it down though, which leads me to the following observation.

Atlanta has been a mecca for young black professionals for approximately the last 20 years. Where a city like Detroit has been more or less left for dead, Atlanta by contrast has been promoted as the black city that works. The cosmopolitan jewel of the South. As much as that may or may not be true–I think the lack of a history of union organizing neutered Atlanta–one thing is crystal clear.

Atlanta is landlocked, while Detroit is connected to one of the largest bodies of fresh water on the face of the planet. As we move forward and the consequences of the water crisis becomes even more apparent, where would you rather be?

My late grandmother, an Independence Day Baby of 1920, moved to Detroit from Georgia(through NC) in the early thirties. I predict a new wave sooner rather than later.