I was led to Anthony Bradley’s post on shattered family dreams by P6’s post. I am not dealing with the exact same issues, but I’ve got to say that I’ve been dealing with similar ones, about my job, about my capacity to do for my family, and for ME, what I imagined I’d be doing. I’m at a crossroads and the next couple of years will likely tell the tale. As I noted over at P6 I used to believe that my condition would get better when I got tenure. I now believe that my condition is more or less the permanent state of reality.I’ve blogged about this privately–Wordpress 2.3 has that option–but haven’t done so publicly for obvious reasons.But Anthony (whom I don’t know), P6 (whom I do), and actually a conversation offline with Craig has made me rethink that. I’m not going to put my private stuff out there…although if you want to get a sense my wife’s blog is up and running.

But in the spirit of beginning a much needed dialogue I wanted to ask two questions, particularly for black male readers:

  1. Are you dealing with the same types of issues and pressures?
  2. What do you do about it?

I’m creating a new heading for this one…one that I’ve used for my private posts.