When voters in the state of Michigan passed a referendum that would render affirmative action based on race (and gender i think) illegal in contracting and in college admission, I knew that this would happen. Take a look around college campuses–not just historically black colleges and universities–and the gender gap is real. This entire year I've taught around 80 kids I think. Of the 80, I believe that only 15 have been men. Now to be fair my classes are self-selected at this point–I don't teach any introductory classes, and probably because of a belief that my class may be biased against them I might not have a lot of white male students wanting to take my class anyway. Yet and still I believe that what I am dealing with will soon be the norm. Here is Amber Arellano's take. This is another case of black and latino communities serving as the Miner's Canary. I wonder how long it'll be before the referendum gets repealed, or slightly modified?