Woke up this morning, putzing around on the desktop.

“There was a car crash this morning.”


“A car crashed into a motorcycle. The rider hit the windshield and was thrown across the street!”


My daughter heard it–it woke her up. I must’ve been in a fog because I totally missed it. But when I finally got around to going outside some hours later, the car was still there, smashed. And bits and pieces of the motorcycle (canary yellow kawazaki) were in front of the yard. While my thoughts drifted to concerns for the bike rider (was he ok? did he die?) and for the car driver (was he/she arrested? was he/she drunk?), what struck me was what my daughter saw when she poked her head out to see the commotion when it first happened.

A group of Jehovah’s Witnesses were making their rounds. They saw the accident, and rather than making calls to the police, or to the hospital, they swiftly moved to the gathering crowd.

And began. handing. out. pamphlets.