The Urbanite annually makes a list of Baltimore change-makers. This year I was honored for my work on the Baltimore Mixtape Project. I was and am honored to have been chosen. Particularly given the work that organizations like Civic Frame (which is really the brainchild of the wonderful April Yvonne Garrett, some spit, and some glue) and the Black Male Identity Project are doing I don't really feel like I deserve the label. But I'll take it, if for no other reason than Chris Baron, Zeke Cohen, Darius Gilmore, Lawrence Grandpre, Deverick Murray, and Jared Ball have all worked hard in giving the mixtape project legs. Since we announced it I haven't really written much on it, but that's going to change soon. We've chosen our finalists, and will be having the final competition in less than a month.

Anyway, my March visit to the Marc Steiner show focused on the act of change making. Take a listen.

The Marc Steiner Show